Ira Bronson

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— I'm a Design Lead at Squarespace in New York City where I design and direct new template frameworks. I'm probably listening to Sabbath and/or staring at a cat.

— I'm an interactive designer with strong interest in user perception, thinking in terms of systems, and how a set of features can create an experience.

I'm currently a Design Lead at Squarespace, where I concept, design, and direct new template features, frameworks, and templates for the platform. I'm fascinated by the idea of creating a product that people use as a tool to express themselves.

I love design, beautiful interactions, loud jams, records, old architecture, jQuery, cats, delicious food, Stack Overflow, and black coffee. I also organize my wardrobe by color; that's quite simple when it's 90% black.

If you want to work together, or just talk about cats while drinking too much coffee, definitely email me.